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There is a choice of two pathways to becoming an Adventure Learning School™

  1. If you are already working to the Basic Adventure Curriculum and recognise the core elements in your school then progress to accreditation and Adventure Learning School™ status may be straightforward.
  2. If you are in the early stages of the journey then support from the ALS team in the form of timetable design or staff development will be needed, and your route to Adventure Learning School™ status will be a little longer. ALS works with aspirant schools like this as part of a geographical cluster - Cumbria was our first. This approach ensures you have support from other schools close at hand and allows the ALS team to maximise development and coaching time. 

If your are a Primary or a Secondary School and wish to have your adventure learning recognised or wish to begin the journey then contact the ALS office.

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"Our experience working alongside other accredited Adventure Learning Schools and their pupils was inspirational. My pupils made me so proud when they presented enthusiastically and confidently to so many people and associated media. They were captivated by the presence of Leo Houlding and excited that he took the time to enjoy their skydiving experience with them."
Paul Charnocks
Richard Rose Central Academy

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