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David Hopkins on ALS

Click here to watch Professor David Hopkins speak at a Learning Away Conference.

He inspired the audience with his presentation entitled 'Curiosity and Adventure Learning', which he described as "being a relentless focus on improving the learning outcomes of 'every student' in 'every school' across the whole system". David comes from a great tradition of professors of education who are mountain guides and once were outdoor instructors. He now leads the rapidly growing ALS initiative. Adventure Learning is both meant literally and also as a metaphor for a whole school pedagogy. He sees this approach as the best way to support students in the development of the complex skills that are necessary for life as an adult today.

His presentation introduced the whole school strategy of Adventure Learning and gave a breakdown of the research evidence that supports his ideas. Broadening out from the Adventure Learning approach, David introduced the 10 theories of action that he believes could and should transform education and which underpin ALS.

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